About Scott Riffe

I have always noticed people's hair from a very young age but my true hair adventure started with battling my parents on how long my hair could be. It became more or less like members from the Rolling Stones band in length, but naturally a surfer mop and sandy blond. So after hanging out with some friends on the side yard of my buddy’s house, as a punk rock rebellious kid, we shaved my head using a woman’s leg shaver at the age of 14. The hair looked awful, but was a transformative, liberating haircut with the power to shock and change everything. The year was 1990 and that glorious moment truly put me on the path to becoming a professional haircutter. Fast forward many years later, after cutting hundreds of men's and women's haircuts and utilizing hundreds of different hair products, I realized I couldn’t find what i was looking for in the styling market. It sounds cliche, but no matter what products I was using they didn’t work right and were never going to be mine. The artist in me wanted to break free and set out on a new endeavor. It now has happened this year 2021, with help from a good manufacturer. The quality products are available to everyone to use. I am proud of them and hope to make you look great and feel like your on vacation all the time!