Tahiti Surf Spray

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8 oz Amber Plastic Bottle and Sprayer

Summer may be a distant memory, yet beachy, carefree and tousled tresses can be achieved all year round with the help of a salt spray.  This must-have styling product aims to bottle the power of the ocean, creating effortlessly lived-in texture and volume to enhance any hair style. Salt Sprays leave a natural finish for an undetectable appearance, perfect for those who dislike the feeling of product in their hair. Fine hair types are provided with added grip and volume. Works fantastically as a prestyler for our Mo Flo Styling Clay!

Our scent bursts forth like a beautiful wave barrel roll.... Fresh, sweet, beachy. Notes of Mai Tai, orange, coconut, sea salt, and cactus all fold into the perfect wave of fragrance.

Hold : Light

Shine : Matte

Texture : High